Silk Road Samarkand

Silk Road Samarkand


Touristic complex Silk Road Samarkand is a modern multi-profile resort complex with an area of 260 hectares in the Eastern part of Samarkand. The complex includes hotels of various levels: wellness oriented, 14 cottages, historical and ethnographic part “Eternal City”, Congress Center, conceptual restaurants and cafes, as well as recreation and sports areas. 

Location: 8 minutes’ drive to the historic districts, 15 minutes’ drive from the international airport, 25 minutes’ drive from the railway station. 


Congress Center

Grand Hall: area 3276 кв.м. Diamond: area 396 кв.м. Emerald: area 291 кв.м.
Ballroom: area 795 кв.м. Zircon: area 299 кв.м. Agate: area 185 кв.м.
Onyx: area 175 кв.м. Sapphire: area 92 кв.м. Ruby: area 92 кв.м.
Topaz: area 92 кв.м. Lazurite: area 92 кв.м. Amber: area 92 кв.м.
Crystal: area 92 кв.м.    


Hotels of the Silk Road Samarkand Complex



Samarkand Regency Amir Temur 5*

The brand of the five-star Samarkand Regency Amir Temur hotel was developed specifically for the complex and is intended to create a sensation in the global hospitality industry. The design of the hotel is a tribute to the reign of the great leader and founder of the city of Samarkand, Amir Temur.  This is the first and so far the only hotel in Central Asia that is a member of the prestigious association LHW (The Leading Hotels of the World). 

Rooms: 232

  • Ballroom: 547 sq.m.
  • Navoi: 99 sq.m.
  • Bukhara: 105 sq.m.
  • Andijan: 89 sq.m.
  • Shakhrisabz: 99 sq.m.

Silk Road by Minyoun 5*

This five-star hotel is managed by the hotel chain Minyoun Hospitality and dedicated to the history of the Silk Road – the caravan route from East to West, which connected parts of the world from the 2nd to the 18th centuries. 

Rooms: 241


  • Changan: 579 sq.m.
  • Water Margin: 145 sq.m.
  • West Journey: 143 sq.m.
  • Three Kingdoms: 97 sq.m.
  • Red Mansion: 112 sq.m.
  • VIP Room: 91 sq.m.

Savitsky Plaza 4*

The design of this hotel was inspired by the artworks of Igor Savitsky - a renowned and award-winning avant-garde artist. 

Rooms: 175


  • Avantgarde: 184 sq.m.

Lia! By Minyoun Stars of Ulughbek 4*

This four-star hotel is managed by the hotel chain Minyoun Hospitality and is named after the famous astronomer and mathematician.

Rooms: 170


  • Lia: 116 sq.m.
  • Lia 2: 62 sq.m.

Wellness Park Hotel: Afrosiyob

The medical specialization of this hotel is diagnostics and examination of the guest’s health

Available specialists for diagnostics: Urologist, Gynecologist, Endocrinologist, Neurologist, Endoscopist, Nutritionist. 

The offered wellness programs are designed from 3 days onwards.

Rooms: 91


Wellness Park Hotel: Sogd

The profile specialization of the hotel is body cleansing and detoxification. Following the idea of spiritual and physical cleansing the hotel provides a meditation studio on the first floor instead of a gym. There is a teamwork area for round tables of 10 participants. Available specialists for diagnostics: Gastroenterologist, Nutritionist, Endocrinologist.

The offered wellness programs are designed from 3 days onwards.

Rooms: 94


Wellness Park Hotel: Bactria

This medical and sanatorium resort specializes in treatment of spine and joints. Available specialists for diagnostics: Neurologist, Osteopath, Reflexologist, Manual therapist, Exercise therapist. 

The offered wellness programs are designed from 3 days onwards.

Rooms: 94


Wellness Park Hotel: Turon

This hotel specializes in pulmonology branch if medicine. The programs are aimed at the prevention and treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases. 

Available specialists for diagnostics: Exercise Therapist, Pulmonologist, Pediatrician, Allergist, ENT specialist. 

The offered wellness programs are designed from 3 days onwards

Rooms: 87



Eco Village

A complex of 14 cottages for private accommodation and service. Houses are constructed entirely from timber. Each cottage is equipped with a kitchen, shared living room and dining area. There is a swimming pool and a patio with an open kitchen on the territory near each house.



The Eternal City

This place is the heart of the entire complex. It’s a recreation of an ancient Uzbek city where you can walk along the cozy streets, try local cuisine and buy one of the traditional Uzbek handcrafts from artisans.

The ideological inspirer and creator of the appearance was the famous artist of modern Uzbekistan – Bobur Ismoilov.

Restaurants and Cafes of the Silk Road Samarkand Complex


The El Sabor Meat Restaurant

Location: Samarkand Regency Amir Temur

Capacity: 118 persons, 76 persons outside

Working hours: 12:00-00:00


The Yi Palace Chinese Restaurant

Location: Silk Road by Minyoun

Capacity: 106 persons, 122 persons outside

Working hours: 12:00-00:00


The Khmelnov beer Restaurant

Location: Savitsky Plaza

Capacity: 82 persons, 50 persons outside

Working hours: 07:00-11:00, 12:00-00:00 A la carte


Buyuk Samarkand Winter Restaurant

The hall on the first floor of the restaurants is designed for banquets while the hall on the second floor is for a la carte. The restaurant is open all year round and offers traditional Uzbek cuisine. 

Location: The Eternal City

Capacity: 400 persons

Working hours: 11:00-00:00


Siyob Summer Restaurant

The restaurant is named after Siyab, one of the historical areas of the city and the river Siyab near the bazaar. 

Location: The Eternal City

Capacity: 100 persons

Working hours: 11:00-00:00