Jizzakh Oasis – “Golden oasis” of Uzbekistan

The Jizzakh oasis is in the central part of Uzbekistan, between the two rivers Syr Darya and Zarafshan. This is a very amazing place rich in history, captivating nature and sights. 

Not without reason these places have been called “Golden Oasis” since ancient times as the Great Silk Road passed through these lands. This region had powerful political, economic and strategic importance. Jizzakh itself was a transit point between the Fergana Valley and Samarkand. Scientists suggest that the regional city of Jizzakh is the lost city of Gazo known since ancient times. Jizzakh has a 20-century history. The entrance to Jizzakh is also famous due to the narrow passage laid between the rocks and is forming the “Gate of Timur” or “Tamerlane’s Gate”. 

Architectural heritage of Jizzakh

In ancient times the Central Asian state of Ustrushana existed on the territory of the Jizzakh region. During this period many fortress cities were built which have survived to this day. Equally famous architectural monument of a great historical value is the Marifatli Mosque. 

Natural gifts of Jizzakh land

Jizzakh lands are called “Uzbek Switzerland”. This is a worthy comparison as the region is surrounded by mountains and has a natural beautiful landscape, clean air and mineral rich water. The region is rich in water sources such as the Sanzar River, Zaaminsu, the famous Aydarkul Lake, rich in calcium Sherbulak Spring, the man-made canal Eski-Tuyatartar (XVI century), etc. 

Zaamin National Park (oldest nature reserve in the country) is also famous in the oasis. On its territory you can see coniferous forests, centuries-old trees, the Chartangi gorge as well as visit the Zaamin sanatorium.