A city founded 2000 years ago

Margilan is a small city with a population density of only about 200,000 people. The city is in Fergana Valley and was built in the II century BC. There are legends that Alexander the Great himself was in this city. The locals wanted to appease the conqueror and prepared him a dish called “Marginon” (chicken with bread), which Alexander liked very much, and he gave the order to call this village Margilan. 

Margilan – the “silk” capital of Uzbekistan 

The Great Silk Road passed through the southeast of Fergana Valley which also did not bypass Margilan. Thanks to the production of painted silk- gaz, adras, khan-atlas, etc., this small but ancient city has received great recognition. The national treasure of Margilan competed with silk fabrics from China and India. 

In addition to silk Margilan is also famous for its medieval buildings:

  • Chakar Mosque (built in 1329, rebuilt in 1911)
  • Mausoleum of Khoja-Maggiz (beginning of the 18th century) 
  • Pir Siddik complex (mid-18th century) 

Due to frequent earthquakes, there are no architectural monuments that have survived to this day. But there is madrasah of Said Ahmad-Khoja, the mosque of Toron-Bazar which were built about 100-200 years ago.